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When most people think of the Albemarle Sweet Shop they think of the clown cookie!  This little sugar cookie shaped like a person and covered in our traditional Sweet Shop icing has brought a smile to many customers throughout the history of the bakery.

We don't know how or when the clown cookie was created but we have been able to trace it back to the early 1960s.  This cookie has become a symbol of who we are at the Albemarle Sweet Shop. 


During the time our family has owned the bakery we have introduced four new sizes of clown cookie.  In addition to our traditional sized clown cookie we now offer the mini clown cookie, medium clown cookie, large clown cookie and giant clown cookie.  We generally keep our traditional clown cookie and large clown cookie available in our display cases.  Our other sizes are available as a special order item. As you can see below our clown sizes vary greatly! 

Each of our clown cookies, regardless of size, is rolled onto the table and hand cut as it has been done since its inception!!


In addition to the traditional shaped and iced clown cookies we have created a wide variety of cookies to look like everything from a Santa Claus to grandma with a walker. 

Our current offerings of clown cookies are only limited by the abilities of our decorators to bring these sweet creations to life.  We have placed a sampling of some of the clown creations we have done throughout the years below.  Some clowns pictured may not currently be available due to the abilities of our current decorators.  Although some of them may not be available one thing is available and hasn't changed over the years, that Clown Cookie Smile!! 


Enjoy and Thank You for checking our our Clowns!!


Our clown cookies shown here from left to right are:  giant clown cookie, large clown cookie, regular clown cookie and mini clown cookie.  Our medium clown cookie is not pictured here.


The colors of our traditional clown cookies may change daily but they will always have a white face, arm, two legs, two feet, two buttons, a bonnet and that clown cookie smile.


Clown Cookies

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