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In the spring of 1922 the Thomas Parker family owned bakery moved into a state of the art bakery building they built at 120 King Ave. in downtown Albemarle which would eventually become the Albemarle Sweet Shop.  The bakery would remain in that location until it was moved next door to 128 King Ave. in 1959.  The bakery remains at 128 King Ave. today using much of the same equipment as it did in 1960.  Our current phone number can even be traced back to the 1950s as is seen in the Albemarle city directory advertisement below.

Since the bakery moved onto King Ave. it has been locally owned.  According to historical documents, Quint and Thomas Stokes Parker owned the bakery in 1921.  In 1924 Peter Endres purchased the bakery from the Parker family.  In 1934 the Whitley family purchased the bakery.  The Whitley's would run the bakery as a family until Hillard Whitley took over the bakery, changed the name to the Albemarle Bake Shop and moved into our current location.  Hillard and his wife, Jettie would run the bakery until they sold the business to Harold Bagwell.  Harold and his family purchased the bakery in 1972 and would remain its owners until 1995 when they sold the business to Bud and Karen Haley.  Bud and Karen held the business until the current owners, Shawn and Laura Oke  purchased the bakery in April 2000.

The Oke's have worked hard to ensure many of the Sweet Shop favorites from years past are recreated to taste just like they did generations ago.  The bakery continues to use the same formulas to create their custard pies, sugar cookies, clown cookies, creme horns, Sweet Shop cake, birthday icing and fruit bars just as the families that owned the bakery did in the past.  Much of the same equipment that was in use years ago continues to produce the bakery products today.  As seen below the oven used today is the same oven installed at 128 King Ave. in 1959.  The rich history and smells of the Albemarle Sweet Shop come alive each day as the oven is lit as it has been for over 100 years!!

We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the bakery opening on King Ave. by moving the bakery forward with an awesome new step!!  We are building a new building and will be moving the bakery to its new location at 310 S. Second St. (beside of the post office downtown) in 2023.  We will still be the same great bakery only in a new, expanded location. 

Delivery Trucks- Credit Lewis Bramlett.j

Delivery trucks for the Albemarle Bakery in front of the original bakery location at 120 King Ave.

1957 Phone Directory - Alb Bakery.JPG

A city directory from the 1950's reveals the bakery phone number as it remains today, YU or 98

then 2-1235

AlbemarleBakeryKingAve1950-Credit Lewis

The bakery when it was at 120 King Ave. as seen looking up King Ave. towards Second St.  The loading dock is gone but the outline of it still remains on the side of the building. 


Our 1959 Middleby-Marshall oven brought from Chicago to the current Sweet Shop location in July 1959 is still operational today.  This oven has baked sweets for Albemarle for over 60 years!!

Outside of Bakery.jpg

The Albemarle Sweet Shop at 128 King Ave. as it looks in January 2021.  We have proudly served our community from this location since 1959.

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